Ain’t that right


Ain’t that right

"The problem, often not discovered until late in life, is that when you look for things in life like love, meaning, motivation, it implies they are sitting behind a tree or under a rock. The most successful people in life recognize, that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation. For me, I am driven by two main philosophies, know more today about the world than I knew yesterday. And lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you."

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"If you cum and she doesn’t…you didn’t fuck her, she fucked you."

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"when we are burdened or mistreated, we may feel defeated. but our burdens can make us stronger and develop qualities in us that will prepare us for the future. we can not be overcomers without troubles to overcome. there are hard times because sometimes even the worst situations can make us better people."

why is this so hysterical?

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"You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are."

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Paul Combe, the president of American Student Assistance, likened the growing burden of student loan debt to secondhand smoke: like cigarettes, loan debt used to be seen as a matter of individual risk — until it became clear that everyone’s economic health is affected by everyone else’s.

“It’s a problem for us all,” Combe told VICE News. “The question is, what is the impact on our economy when a third of the credit of all these students who graduate and are normally the consumers — who would otherwise buy homes and buy cars — is already eaten up by student loans?”


The US Is Using Its Youth as a Credit Card

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"I will not belittle my achievements."

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"Sometimes suffering is just suffering. It doesn’t make you stronger. It doesn’t build character. It only hurts."

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Shoutout to the ladies that compliment each other, that jealousy shit dead

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